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Your one stop semen shop.
Ideal for first calf heifers.  Diverse Lowline genetics since 1996.
Black, red, red carrier, fullblood, halfblood and 3/4 genetics carefully selected to optimize calving ease and high quality, lower cost beef production. 
Over 35 sires available. 
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EZ Sundance 010Y    
A long bodied, heavy muscled halfblood Moderator plus bull by Utah that will produce calves that wean at 500 - 550# while moderating your frame score and solving your calving problems.
Demolition 214Y

Demolition is a fullblood true red gene carrier fullblood bull who is totally unrelated to Bluey, Awesome Red, Vitulus Red Baron and Wandoo. His first red fullblood daughter, Lady in Red, is pictured above.


Historic Chain Ranch Wins Champion Commercial Heifer Honors at National Western Stock Show

DENVER, CO – Each year the National Western Stock Show has entries from around the country come to compete in the Commercial Heifer competition. This year, 2014, the historic Chain Ranch, Canton, Oklahoma, won the coveted award with a set of Lowline cross heifer calves sired by the 2006 National Champion Lowline sire, Little Joe 305R. The dams are the Chain Ranches’ commercial cows which have used top genetics for producing commercial cows for over 100 years. The Chain Ranch was founded back in 1883.

These Lowline cross females, also referred to as Moderator Plus females by the American Lowline Registry, were born with a light 50 pound birth weight and weaned off at over 580 pounds. The set of extremely low input females weighed in at 730 pounds and could be used to raise heifer bulls, replacement females or use a high performance sire to add more pounds and maintain a very low input cow factory. Either way the females will be a valuable tool in moderating cow size and controlling input costs while having a very productive cow factory for their new buyers after bringing $1700 per head through the Commercial Heifer Pen Sale. The females are expected to have an 1100 pound mature size.

Pictured with the Grand Champion Pen of Commercial Heifers (l to r) Jerry Adamson, Cody, Nebraska; Abbey Effertz, Stanley, North Dakota; Amanda and Newley Hutchison of the Chain Ranch, Canton, Oklahoma; Neil Effertz, Effertz EZ Ranch, Bismarck, North Dakota.

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America's Foundation Herd...
We imported the first Lowline female to the US in 1996. We used to run 110 large framed cows on our ranch and we now maintain 240 Lowline cows on the same amount of land, including over 100 fullbloods. The Lowline breed offers cattlemen a new option to lower production costs and increase profits.

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This site contains information and photos regarding Australian Miniature Loala Lowline Beef Cattle, imported genetics, and semen for sale.